Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poop & More Poop!

Today's ride consisted of a daring 18.53 mile ride from 88th/Colorado to REI ... that's 1.5 hours of actual ride time. Our new friend "Richard" took a picture of the Saints @ REI ... or NOT! He thought he took a picture but all he really did was fondle my cell phone!

You'll be happy to know that starting the ride a little bit later in the morning allows for the river dwellers to get up & around before the Saints come riding by. This is a good thing ... fewer people to dodge.

Anne scooped up a table @ Starbucks while Janelle went in to order a cool, refreshing drink. Upon her return she pointed out to the oblivious Saint Anne that there was a large bird poop on her side of the table. YUCK! Napkins were gathered and utilized just in time for another dropping to land on Janelle's side of the table (and touch Janelle's helmet)! Anne gasped loudly and tried to save the helmet, thus knocking Janelle's yummy drink to the ground. More poop, more napkins, etc. etc. etc. Sorry about the drink Janelle ... I'll buy your next cold one. After two close calls, the Saints moved away from the side of the building & glared at the poopy bird resting on the roof top. Anne shared her vast amount of knowledge regarding sphincters ... did you know that birds don't have sphincters? True story! You can probably use that one in Trivial Pursuit. Other un-named sphincters were also discussed but we won't go into that here.

During today's ride it was motioned and seconded (we are required to do that in official Saintly meetings) that Anne and Janelle do the river ride some glorious afternoon and meet Andy and Phil at My Brother's Bar (just around the corner). Being the avid cyclists that we are you probably guessed that we would then bike back North thus avoiding rush hour traffic. NOT! BUI is a serious offense & we would never break the law (or the bike)!

That's it for now ... off to make a large bank deposit (don't tell the bad guys) and mail some paychecks. Peace!

Saint Anne

Friday, May 22, 2009

Two Saints Spotted On South Platte Trail

Yep ... not one but TWO SAINTS! I'm always on the watch for "saints among us" but these two were highly visible this past Tuesday. Janelle & Anne hopped on the South Platte trail in Commerce City and rode to REI/Starbucks @ Confluence Park. That was around 7.5 miles one way. The trail was just coming alive (literally ... the many, many homeless peeps were just awakening) between 9:30 & 10:00 AM. It was a little sketchy at times ... dodging the large group of kids (Janelle recognized most of the riders) and the homeless ... we successfully navigated our way to the ultimate destination!

After chilling out in the shade with some iced teas ... we shopped the bike section @ REI & drooled over the cute, cute cycling attire. Although Janelle was "packing" (a credit card, not a gun), she exercised restraint and both saints departed without a purchase!

Of course the ride back seemed much faster (it was ... it was down-hill) but we logged a round-trip of 15 miles and called it a SUCCESS! We're so proud! Probably do it again next week only start further north on the trail.

Peace to all Saints!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Boy Gets a Birthday Bike!

Granny & Papa gave Aydan a new Hummer Bike for his b-day! The helmet is a gift from his parents ... notice how it accents the brakes perfectly! He's not too keen on learning to ride yet so granny took it for a spin around the house. Saddle Saints do have one Honorary Saint this year ... I see another one in the making!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Geriatric Crowd

Yesterday (Wednesday) Janelle & Anne rode the canal to the coffee bar. 'Twas a beautiful day ... 'twas a great ride ... 'twas Janelle's geriatric crowd @ Morning Star. Anne sipped a cup-o-jo while Janelle visited with countless people ... she's very popular!

Help spread the word about Wednesday morning rides ... we'll keep it up until we don't!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Morning Rides & Coffee

The Holy Saddle Saints met for coffee at the Morning Star Cafe this morning. Karen & Anne rode the canal trail and met Janelle & Myra there. WHAT A ZOO!

We arrived @ 8:45 AM to learn that the coffee bar can not serve drinks during Mass so we visited while we waited. Anticipating a huge "coffee rush" after Mass, we got in line & ordered our cups. Seriously ... the barista couldn't put anything in them but she had our cups laid out!

As the coffee addicts poured out of Mass, the cash register crashed and the Saddle Saints were in line without coffee & unable to pay. Chris M. came to Carol's aid & work on the register while she filled the addicts orders ... Saddle Saints waited patiently. The addicts dispursed and the Saints were finally served. Did I mention that IT WAS A ZOO!

During our meeting it was motioned & seconded that we should have a patron saint for our team. No one knows who will do that research ... we just thought it was cool. Anne suggested "St. Jude" ... patron saint of lost causes. Perhaps we can each adopt a personal saint name to chant during the ride when the going gets tough!

We'll plan on another ride next Wednesday ... Karen is requesting a group weekend ride too. Yahoo! I'll bet we could let boys ride with us then ... whatdoyouthink?

Signing off on behalf of Saddle Saints worldwide ... Anne!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saddle Saints Meet For Coffee

On Wednesday 4/15/09 a few Saddle Saints met for coffee @ the Morning Star Coffee Shop. Karen, Myra, Diane, Jackie (honorary Catholic), and Anne hooked up for a cup-a-jo and fellowship. Janelle and her MOM were "accidentally" already there so they were able to chat for a bit. Anne braved the local bike paths on her Cannondale and attempted to recruit more Saddle Saints AND an extra Catholic or two. I vote that next time we meet @ the Morning Star ... more brave souls ride their bikes (it's only 10 miles from Anne's house ... a 30 minute ride). This will surely get us in shape for our Venus De Miles ride ... maybe we meet weekly ... we can also discuss Journey Days stuff!

Let me know what you think ... see you all soon!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Libation, hydration, elation, perspiration!

Inaugural team members hydrating after the long ride. Take note ... the entire team is still smiling AFTER 35 miles! It was nothing! The luncheon was FABULOUS ... roasted chicken, beer, other foods, beer, etc. Anne gathered as many free beer tickets as possible from the many, many women there who did not understand the nutritional value in designer beer.